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Southern Canada RV was created in 2007 with the help of my beautiful wife Natasha and we have always maintained our focus on extremely clean high quality travel trailers.  Throughout the years we have sold everything from a wide range of trailers to loaded conversion vans, consignment motorhomes, snowmobile, and newer boats. SCRV is a dealer for Dometic and have a part supply network with Canada's two largest suppliers. There was a time where every trailer purchased for re-sale was from the private market and just like so many prospective buyers I felt like there was no better choice than hearing history stories of maintenance and any issues etc., etc. After viewing and spending thousands in fuel winning and not winning a buy I realized some common traits in this market.  I have always had a good feel for honesty and everyone knows when buying used your either dealing with honest or dishonest individuals in both the private and business market.  The dishonest ones seem to think that you will overlook any issues not told about over the phone and the honest tell you things that you really do not even need to hear about.  But their is a great amount of private sellers that honestly do not have a solid understanding of the variety of problems that exist with a certain area of their product line that they own.  On many occasions I asked the original owner of a travel trailer or tent trailer if they ever had a problem with a specific area that I felt concerned about from my personal experiences of owning several and seeing first hand repetitive problems and many felt very strong about having no issues in the subject area until I arrived. It wasn't that they were lying, they just really believed that their unit was mint and many times things go unnoticed until it is to late.  I have learned in an effort to save time and fuel, food and even hotel expense that you have to ask a massive amount of specific detailed questions before even making the attempt to view in person.  The problem is, most prospective buyers and sellers haven't spent time working with the internals of the RV industry and many truthfully believe that they are all the same.  People will state that this manufacturer is junk and this one is good not knowing that the one that is good is owned by the one that they say is junk.

Any used product being sold by SCRV has to meet strict guidelines before it is ever brought to market. There is no outside affiliations to pass the problem to.  We take care of it all internally! We are not a company that sells used items without checking all systems to ensure every function is in properly working order.  We strongly believe that our years of experience in structural repairs, seal and gasket replacement, electrical, water system, complete floor and ceiling replacement gives us an advantage in selling clean quality used units over the private market.  Majority of the products that we carry for sale are never older than 10 years and typically were priced at $30000 + MSRP when new.  Our main concern is that we just want the end users to enjoy themselves while using our products vacationing without worry or stress.   We are truly grateful for the many customers that we have had a pleasure in meeting and we appreciate all of your business. Please take your time and have a look through our web page.  Have a great season and year full of memories and laughs with the ones you love.

Greg Wernham  Owner/Manager Southern Canada RV

1986 Bonair Tent Trailer

Southern Canada RV specializes in providing you with the tools necessary to enjoy a slower pace of life in one of North Americas beautiful parks or camping resorts.  Maybe your looking to invest your hard earned dollars into an exceptionally clean quality used camping trailer and there are definite benefits when comparing to today's new prices 
Southern Canada RV specializes in the sale of extremely clean quality travel trailers, tent trailers, power boats and all terrain vehicles

Due to our lower overhead operating cost we can provide you with any trailer part at a great price and provide service to your problem area, or maintenance agenda.  SCRV is a small Canadian business that offers personalized attention to each customer while giving you room to breath.  There is no attack salespeople here that do not listen only concerned about providing you a finance term! We offer a simple professional approach providing you with options in every category.

So many of the passions and experiences I have learned in this recreational business derive from my Father, Keith Wernham, where in 1960 he was a Master Builder for Glendale Mobile Homes Ltd. in Strathroy, On. Dad's extraordinary technical abilities awarded him with 3 skilled trade licenses as a Truck and Coach Class A Mechanic, Automotive Mechanic, and Millwright.

I was born and raised in a home where mechanics, fabrication, carpentry and a large list of skilled professions were not just the talk of the table, but a continual educating path on how to successfully accomplish so many technical subjects.  Years and years of servicing everything from transports, motor homes, trailers, tractors, motorcycles, boats, lawn mowers and completing enough renovations to completely build a home always brought a new discussion to the table. I often wonder how Mom put up with 3 men in the house? Dad taught us the importance of hard work and honesty will reward you with cash and make any customer come back for more. To do things with the best of your ability and don't overlook nothing!  There wasn't a day went buy where Dad's daily vehicle wasn't shining with his motor polished and gleaming like new.  With all this talent and the helping hands of two sons their was always a quality piece for sale at the end of the driveway.  Dad and Mom would always say, you can never clean anything you own enough, and maintenance was no chore for them.  Anything that Dad ever owned was a true gift for the next owner.  Unfortunately Keith passed away in March of 2014, but it is all these great attributes above that have been instilled in me that will never allow him to be forgotten.

My first recreational vehicle purchased was a showroom condition 1986 Bonaire tent trailer. My wife and I never spent a great deal of time camping in it because I had a long list of people that wanted to buy it while camping. Profit made and on to the next.