We are a SW Ontario RV Dealer located in Tillsonburg, ON and we have been serving the Ontario market selling Pre-owned, clean, quality products since 2007.  Our philosophy is simple, we do not purchase any product on the basis of being the cheapest! Each unit purchased is specifically selected with a strict standard of the unit being in above average condition.  Whether you are looking at new, or used, we are here to simply save you time and money in the selection process by purchasing a very clean, well cared for, quality product from SCRV.   Whether it be a; towable, ATV, boat, snowmobile, or consignment RV, we are 100% confident that the products we carry will WOW you and save you money!
You will never pay any additional fees other than HST. 

We have not included every unit Sold on web as some are never even advertised.  Once people see what we carry they usually call back asking to find something similar and that list keeps growing as the warm weather approaches.  Usually the first person on the list purchases and this helps keep are already expensive advertising cost down.  

Every single unit goes through a very long detailed inspection ensuring that the units are safe

and every option working in satisfactory condition.  Yes  every unit comes with this Post Delivery Inspection,(PDI) free of charge!  From experience I can tell you that we greatly exceed the typical PDI done by other businesses. When it comes to boats we ensure top run-ability  and thorough testing the boat to its fullest potential on the water before any sale.

All ATV's will receive the same attention to detail and I personally will clock roughly 100 to 200 km's of various terrain before sale.  It is this attitude  in ensuring you get a decent product that at times has unveiled certain issues that we will take of before ever advertised.

We are currently experiencing difficulty building inventory as units are not lasting long as most experienced viewers are becoming dissatisfied with the typical used market we continue with the same business model of making people proud of their investment, saving them thousands from new, and giving them peace of mind when it comes time to hit the road and use the product to its full potential.

We deal with a large variety of selected accounts for your parts needs and have 2 that pretty-much carry everything that you can think of when it comes to recreational vehicle products.  It may not always be the easiest solution for us , but we have worked hard in setting up a variety of specified accounts in order for you to reap the benefits of premium products at great prices.  Thank you so much for your support, we greatly appreciate your business!

Year:  2015
Weight: 2885 lbs.   
Make:  StarcraftSleeping Capacity:   3-4 
Model:  Ar-One 18QB
Total Length: 21.67' 


Year:  2010
Motor: YAMAHA 
was $14450 NOW on SALE $13700
Make: MIRROCRAFTModel: 50 hp 4 Stroke "Wow this Boat is Sweet!  Top Quality Fish/Ski LOADED 
Model:  1628 HOLIDAY
Total Length: 16  
 Yamaha is all serviced with no need for another until 2020


Year:  2012
Weight:  WOW   
Sorry, I have decided to keep this for our family
Make:  CrossroadsSleeping Capacity:   8-10 
Model:  Slingshot GT29
Total Length: 


Year:  2015
Weight: 5030 lbs.   
Make:  KEYSTONESleeping Capacity:   8-10 
Model:  BULLET 272BHS
Total Length: 30.75' 


Year:  2012
Weight:  7500 lbs.   
Make: Forest RiverSleeping Capacity:   4  
 "Gleaming with  2 Slides and  a huge bathroom  with FULL walk around bed"
Model:  Surveyor Select SVT 303 10th Anniversary Edition
Total Length: 37' 
 "LOADED and  a true  Head turner"


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Year:  2009
Motor: Mercury   
Make: Prince CraftModel: 40 hp 4 Stroke "Nice Boat with Reliable 4 Stroke "
Model:  Starfish DLX 165
Total Length:  
 "Stainless Prop and upgraded  Galvanized trailer"